Crazy about Quickstep


Dates: Thursdays January 24 and 31, February 7 and 14.


Time: 8:35pm to 9:35pm.


Instructor: Paul Brown





All levels of people are welcome to this workshop.


Instruction will be given on timing, technique and solving common problems.  

You will become familiar with the character and feel of the Quickstep using a two line routine (one short side and one long side) to help get you started. There will be a combination of beginner to more advanced steps to allow everyone to take something out of this workshop.  

For everyone - Introduction to the Tipple Chase to right and left to help you change direction to get around people on a crowded floor and to allow you to go around a corner quickly and easily. 

For the more advanced people - Introduction to the Fishtail to help you change direction on the floor and to get around people.  

For the most advanced - the Pendulums which can be used to add bars to a routine, change direction or keep you moving when you are waiting to be able to get out of a corner or when behind people.




Woodland Heights Public School

474 Springbank Drive

London, Ontario



Members $80/couple.
Non members $90/couple.



The session is subject to cancellation if less than six(6) couples register.