Dance Lessons

You must have a partner to take lessons.

The London Ballroom Dance Club Inc. offers three levels of classes to its members. The club teaches the International Style of ballroom dancing.


  • This class is intended for people who have never taken international dance lessons, or those with little dance experience. You will have enough dancing skills (up to Pre-Bronze level) and will be able to go to any ballroom dance and have fun.

  • Intermediate

  • This class is intended for people advancing from Beginners, or those who already have some experience. You will improve the steps you already know, learn new steps, and improve your partnering skills.

  • Mini-sessions

  • This class is intended for Beginners and Intermediate, Couples and Singles. You will improve your steps, learn new steps, and work on technique to further your dancing ability.

  • Registration Process

    Each couple must complete the registration form and each person must complete an indemnity agreement when initially registering for the season.Couples may register at the LBDC Open House or any LBDC lesson, practice or event throughout the year.

    A Registration Form is to be completed by each couple when registering for a new session.
    In each session, a different combination of dances Standard and Latin will be taught. In the course of one year, the participants will cover four Standard and four Latin dances. Please refer to each page for more detail.

    If not Members of The London Ballroom Dance Club, the couples may participate, without charge, in one lesson at any level, subject to space availability and signing of the indemnity agreement form, before deciding to join the Club.