The London Ballroom Dance Club Inc.


London, Ontario, Canada


Who are we? What do we do?

The London Ballroom Dance Club Inc. is a not-for-profit organization that exists solely to provide its members with an environment to practise a common interest.

By trade we may be teachers, engineers, bank employees, machinists, sales representatives, property managers, etc. We all share a common desire to "dance the night away".

The Club's objective is to create a welcoming environment that fosters International Style ballroom dancing.

To promote ballroom dancing we offer lessons, workshops, dances and practices for our Members to improve their dancing skills.

Why join The London Ballroom Dance Club?

The London Ballroom Dance Club Inc. is a social venue that promotes an atmosphere of camaraderie through ballroom dancing. It is not a dance studio. It is the only club of its type in London.

Do you dance? Would you like to learn to dance? Then we extend an invitation to you to join the London Ballroom Dance Club Inc. However, you must have a partner to take lessons!

If you miss the Open House in September, it's never too late to join. Contact us or come out to one of our regular events. You can join at the beginning of any session during the year.

History of the Club

The London Ballroom Dance Club Inc. was started in 1978 by a small group of people who were dedicated to promoting International Style ballroom dancing. During the summer of 1978 a program was set up and the first newsletter was sent out for the fall of 1978.

Some of the founding members are still active in the Club, and the passion for starting a 'little dance club' continues to this day.

Over the years, the LBDC has continued to provide top quality, professional instruction for our students. Guest world class dancers have run LBDC workshops and have performed for our members at our elegant dinner dances.